Date of debate: 6/23

Debating on: Constellation affirmative (2NC)
Instructor/commentator: Kathryn Kernoff
Comments: Good job being selective in extending arguments. Good job signposting by number - be sure to say the name of the argument too in case the judge has different numbers. The argument about how the free market solves the problem is an inherency argument, not a solvency argument.

Date of debate: 6/24

Debating on: Constellation affirmative (2AC)
Instructor/commentator: Kathryn Kernoff
Comments: Good job being fast but also clear. When you have multiple responses, number them to help with flowing. Good argument that our leadership will deteriorate in the future. Good job pointing out that the card has no warrant. Also attack the qualifications.

Date of debate: 6/25

Debating on: T mini debates
Instructor/commentator: Charles
Nice job! You hit pretty much all the important points.
Two things to work on. First, you're a bit repetitive. You can definitely be more precise and efficient as you're making arguments.
Second, you need to go beyond responding to their arguments and spend some time developing your own position. Your stuff gets a little bit lost in the details of just responding. Make sure that you are positively articulating the violation.

Date of debate: 6/27

Debating on: Constellation aff including NMD advantage
Instructor/commentator: Mikaela
Comments: Fantastic 2AC structure. You do a really good job responding first with an analytical answer, then with an extension of a 1AC card. You must be listening to us =) Keep it up!
Try to repeat less of the 1NC argument when you respond to it. Limit yourself to just a few words of reference.
Remember to extend the impact to your aff!

Date of debate: 7/1

Debating on: DA and CP with conditionality
Instructor/commentator: Sydney and Robert
Sydney: Very good eye contact during cross-ex. & you gave a really
good, efficient 2AC too. Don't be so timid in cross-ex. You made good
arguments, don't be so afraid to defend them. You also gave a very
good 1AR- you should group arguments on the CP flow when the 1NR reads
a bunch of cards that say the same thing. Just make your answers once
so you don't have to keep referring to them later on in your speech.
You should also explain how the "micro" arguments you make impact the
"macro" arguments in the debate. For example, if you win that the CP
links to the DA as much as the plan does, then the CP has no net
benefit compared to the plan and shouldn't be preferred. If you have
extra time in the 1AR like you did, you should try extending the perm.
Very succinct and good 2AR- I'd just put the bigger picture stuff at
the beginning instead of the end. It's a shame you aren't doing policy
debate next year. :(
CX of 1NC
§ Solid cross-examination
§ You should ask less opened during some parts – ‘what are the warrants?’ generally will
get you nowhere
o 2AC
§ Don’t say prefer ev right after you read it – these are arguments you should save for the
§ You shouldn’t say the plan is not important – this hurts your link turn arguments
§ Good job using your CX in your speech
o 1AR
§ More efficient references to your opponent in your speech – you don’t need to say “they
say debt ceiling won’t pass because of top officials who aren’t reaching a deal;” you can
just say “they say won’t pass” and then give your arguments
§ Try not to finish with time left – if you have time, just go back and extend more
arguments like the perm or some of the analytics you are making in the 2ac
• This puts more pressure on the 2nr
§ The third argument on the disad (the plan is small / bottom of the docket) is dropped –
it would be a mistake not to extend it just because it wasn’t answered
§ Avoid tag-line extensions – don’t just say “no risk of economic collapse means they have
no impact;” explain clearly why debt default doesn’t lead to econ collapse
o 2AR
§ Articulate why recency matters – just because it’s one day more recent, that doesn’t
mean you should automatically prefer it
§ Explain your impact d arg (no risk of economic collapse) more – yo \u have time so use
the warrants in the card


Good job flushing out the difference between federal government and private sector and
the space leadership solvency deficit
Good job consistently making the “CP links to politics” argument – you still need to flush
this out a little more
Underviews are generally not a good idea – especially when all of those args are made
clearly in the debate
You have PLENTY of time to explain more (you finish with 3:00) – use this time




Date of debate: 7/8

Debating on: Practice debate D
Instructor/commentator: Mikaela
Comments: Try not to use so much 2AC prep… If you have 2AC blocks for common case arguments (including turns), this will be much easier.
Great 2AC on the off case arguments! I would add more responses to the debt ceiling DA- try to make a greater diversity of arguments - at the very least, make some politics theory arguments like vote no, fiat solves the link, etc. to get a time tradeoff from the block.
On the K, you could spend less time on the framework debate—many of your arguments are very in depth and would be more effective in the 1AR, after the block has made clear what direction it’s going in.
On case – make sure you are answering every 1NC argument – you are great on the arguments you do answer, but are missing some. Make sure to flow the 1NC very carefully. Also, great job extending the impacts to water wars – do this for every advantage!
2AR – Extend the conceded straight turn to politics!

Date of debate: 7/7

Debating on: Practice Debate
Instructor/commentator: Katie
You have a great speaking voice but need to be more confident! You are making good arguments - so try to sound like you know you are! :)
Great analysis on the case flows, particularly the asteroids advantage - you had good impact analysis about why extinction wasn't inevitable and why their advantage is improbable

REDO - Katie
Confidence level increased and your ethos were much better!
Great analysis on the Perm do the CP with justifications about why the perm is legitimate / solves the net-benefit - you should explain more about how leadership is a net-benefit to the perm and a disad to the CP
Spend a little more time on politics explaining your link turns and why that means you control the direction of the disad - if the neg is right that the CP doesn't link to politics, does that mean this is another net-benefit to the perm/aff?

Date of debate: 7/11

Debating on: tournament debate #1
Instructor/commentator: zack elias
-had time left - means there's more time for evidence comparison and comparative impact calculus

Date of debate:

Debating on: Round 2
Instructor/commentator: Zach R
Get a mouse if you're paperless. Prep will be quicker and easier.

Date of debate:

Debating on:


Date of debate: June 23
Debating on: Constellation aff
Instructor/commentator: Nicole
Awesome job! Best 1AC ever!