The Dartmouth Debate Workshop will run June 22, 2011 to July 13, 2011

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Chris Crowe, Westwood High School (TX)
Katie Gjerpen, Lexington High School (MA)
Kathryn Clark Kernoff, Dartmouth College (NH)
Mikaela Malsin, Wake Forest Univ (NC)
Charles Olney, UC Santa Cruz (CA)
Nicole Serrano, Dallas Urban Debate (TX)
Ken Strange, Dartmouth College (NH)

Balanced Curriculum
Perfect for rising sophomores and juniors, the DDW offers a balance of theory, strategy, and skills, along with a considerable amount of research. Rotating research groups allow each student to learn from each of the high quality staff.

Individual Attention
Basic skills are worked on in small groups with teaching staff and the Senior Assistant program. Nationally recognized for its excellence, our teaching staff are renowned for their ability to teach basic debate skills to younger students while still challenging more advanced students.

Senior Assistant Program

"My experience at Senior Assistants was amazing – It not only combines a staff that is experienced and engaging as any other camp’s, but also provides the opportunities for individual attention and one-on-one learning. The staff is extremely enthusiastic to work with Senior Assistants on improving at debate through goal-setting, lectures, and individualized drills. The staff’s eagerness to work with the Senior Assistants creates an atmosphere that is enjoyable and helpful. Senior Assistants have an opportunity to work with staff at almost all times, and reap benefits from a curriculum largely tailored to meet the needs of the students themselves. Senior Assistants also learn through teaching – helping out with the Dartmouh Debate Workshop reestablishes important fundamentals and skills to complement the Senior Assistant specific program. These factors made Dartmouh’s Senior Assistant Program amazing – The experience there not only improved my debating to the next level, but also inspired me and reminded me why I love debate."
- Tatsuro Yamamura, College Prep (CA)

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Chris Crowe coaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio and Westwood High School. At the high school level, Chris has coached multiple state champions (WY), TOC qualifiers and top 20 finishes at NFL Nationals. At the college level, his debaters have cleared at every major national tournament, including the NDT and CEDA Nationals. Chris debated at the University ofWyoming where he netted numerous top-ten speaker awards, cleared at every major national tournament and was the 2006 CEDA Debater of the Year. Chris is one of only three people in history to have judged the final debate of CEDA Nationals and the NDT in the same year.

Katie Gjerpen is the Assistant Director of Debate at Lexington High School in MA. This year, her teams have cleared or been in late elimination rounds of every major national tournament including: Greenhill, Wake Forest University, Georgetown Day School, New Trier, St. Mark’s, Bronx and the University of Michigan. Lexington has three fully qualified teams to the Tournament of Champions and her debaters have won multiple top ten speaker awards and the University of Michigan Seniors Round Robin. As a debate coach at Groves High School in MI, her team won the Michigan Division 1 State Tournament. She is also a former Michigan State University debater.

Kathryn Clark Kernoff coaches Dartmouth and has previously coached at the Bronx High School of Science. As a Valley High School (IA) debater, she twice qualified for the TOC and advanced to elimination rounds her senior year. She also was in late elimination rounds of several national tournaments, including the finals of Greenhill as well as the winning Blake and New Trier. Kathryn also won several speaker awards including 2nd place individual speaker at MBA and New Trier. As a Dartmouth debater, Kathryn received a first round at-large bid for the NDT three times and was twice ranked as one of the top 5 teams in the country. In addition to several very late elimination round appearances, Kathryn won the West Georgia tournament, won the Kentucky Round Robin twice, and also won the Dartmouth Round Robin. Kathryn cleared at the NDT three years in a row and is the only college debater to reach the final round of the CEDA national tournament for three consecutive years.

Mikaela Malsin debated for 4 years at Emory University and currently coaches for Wake Forest University and the Westminster Schools. As a debater, she reached the late elimination rounds at multiple regional tournament and was a two-time participant in elimination rounds at CEDA Nationals, as well as being an instrumental component of the team's research effort. She coached the 2010 TOC champions.

Charles Olney is a Ph.D. candidate in Politics at UC-Santa Cruz and coaches debate at Dartmouth. He debated at Oak Harbor High School (WA), where he twice qualified for the TOC and advanced to late elimination rounds at a number of national tournaments. Charles debated in college at Whitman College, where he received three first round at-large bids for the NDT, including twice being ranked among the top 5 teams in the country. Charles was the top speaker at the 2003 NDT, where he also reached the semifinals. He won a number of national college tournaments including Fullerton and the Dartmouth Round Robin, where he was also named the top speaker. Charles has
coached at Michigan State University, Harvard, Gonzaga, and Dartmouth. Over that time he has coached one NDT champion, two NDT semi-finalists, one NDT quarterfinalist, three NDT octo-finalists, and one NDT double octo-finalist, as well as eight teams who were first round at-large bid recipients to the NDT.

Nicole Serrano is the Executive Director for the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance and is on the Executive Board of the National Debate Coaches Association. As a Nicolet (WI) debater, she reached the late elimination rounds of Wake Forest, Harvard, and NFL Nationals. She also qualified for the TOC. As a debater at Dartmouth College she reached the late elimination rounds of tournaments such as Northwestern, Wake Forest and Kentucky as well as winning the University of Northern Iowa tournament. As a high school coach, Nicole has coached two teams to the top 6 at NFL nationals, as well as coached a team to the semi-finals or better at every major national high school tournament, including the TOC and NFL. She has also coached students to numerous top ten speaker awards, including a top five speaker at the Glenbrooks, Harvard, Emory University's Barkley Forum, Massachusetts' State, and NFL's tournaments.

Ken Strange is the director of debate at Dartmouth College. He has coached eight teams to the finals of the NDT, including 3 NDT champions. He also coached about a dozen NDT semi- finalists, three CEDA Nationals finalists, and a number of top ten NDT speaker award winners. In every one of the 29 years that Ken has coached at Dartmouth, he has had at least one first round at-large team to the NDT, including five Copeland Award winners, and in each year he has had teams winning elimination rounds at the NDT.