Paper Debating General Guidelines:

1. Debaters should mark cards as they go
2. Analytics are not expected to be provided from one team to the next, but may be done so at the discretion of each debater.
3. The reasonable need to see evidence before their speech precedes a team’s opportunity to prepare with the evidence they have already read
4. All evidence is expected to be shared reasonably as read and during prep time and returned prior to the opposing teams next speech. e.g. 2AC evidence should be provided as promptly as reasonable and should be returned before the 1AR.
5. Reasonable building of podium and giving of roadmaps should not be deducted from prep time or cross-x time.
6. Debaters should pro-actively return opposing teams evidence at the end of each debate.

Some tips/advice
1. try to keep evidence in neat piles to facilitate the transfer of ev between speeches
2. when in doubt, try to do everything reasonably possible to ensure the other team has what they need in order to prepare for their speech.

A violation of these rules is not a reason to vote for one team or another, but rather should be brought up at the end of the first available speech and be dealt with at the discretion of the judge.