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Topic Lecture
An introduction to the Space Topic by Chris Crowe

Demonstration Case Debate
A mini debate introducing the Constellation aff and the structures of debates by Kathryn Kernoff & Mikaela Malsin
(click for files, flows, and video)

Negative Topic lecture
An intro to the other side of the topic by Katie Gjerpen

Electronic Research
An introduction to research by Ken Strange

An introduction to the Topicality and why it is all about limits by Ken Strange

Topicality Demo Debate
A slow demonstration debate applying the topicality discussion by Katie Gjerpen & Nicole Serrano.
(Blocks, flows, and video)

Counterplan Demo Debate
A slow demonstration debate applying an introduction to CPs. Mikaela Malsin & Charles Olney debating.

Negative Review
A review of what we've learned so far by Mikaela Malsin

Intro to Kritiks
An introduction to the argument structure and the relevant topic information by Charles Olney

Kritik Demo Debate
A demonstration debate applying our Kritik discussion with Chris Crowe & Charles Olney